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Click below to link to our Grade 8 Graduation Awards

Grade 8 Awards

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Important Dates

Dec 21st - Holiday Concert all welcome (11:30)

Dec 22nd - Last day of classes before the winter break

Jan 8th - First Day of classes after the break

Jan 11th - 6:00 pm New to grade 1 Open House

Jan 19th - PD Day


At Central French Immersion Public School...

We are pleased to provide an outstanding education at Central French Immersion Public School for our students. Innovative programs that meet the needs of all our students are taught by our dedicated and professional staff who care about your child. Our school provides extra-curricular opportunities that encourage the development of excellence, integrity and respect.

Our Board is focused on literacy and numeracy achievement and creating an environment where we are working together on our goal of success for every student. We also value the community partnerships and parent involvement which are so crucial to a successful education for our students.

We welcome your input and questions.


Interested in grade 1, French Immersion for your child...Registration opens Jan 8th 2018 at 12:00pm and closes Feb 20th.

Come out to our Open House here at Central French Immersion School on Jan 11th at 6:00 pm.

Canada's largest coding events for children took place at Central French Immersion School on Fri Dec 8th, here is a short news clip produced by the local Cogeco news channel about the C3 event.

Central Stingrays are very proud!

Click on the link below to see the event!



Any transportation questions and concerns please go to the NSTS website- www.nsts.ca or call Niagara Student Transportation Services at 905-346-0290. 


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