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School Council Meeting Dates:

*Please note: All meetings take place in person at 6:30 pm in the Learning Commons AND on MS Teams to ensure maximum participation.


Tuesday, September 12th

Tuesday, October 24th

Tuesday, November 28th

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024

Tuesday, February 27th

Tuesday, March 26th

Tuesday, April 23rd

Tuesday, May 28th

Tuesday, June 24th


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School Council Minutes


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School Council

Explorer, Communiquer, Inspirer

Central School Council 2023-2024

Council Inquiries: ctl@dsbn.org


Co-Chairs – Monica Vincent & Jeanine Lindley

Secretary – Sara Van Schyndel

Treasurer – Marie Nadon

Fundraising Chair– Wende Holmes & Kerri Rooke

Lunch Chairs - Majdeh Warsi

Fête du printemps - Emily Ens & Nat Pollard



Principal: Lorne Gretsinger, Vice Principal: Ian Thompson Staff: K. Waito


Please contact either the school or a member of council if you would like to become a Committee Member.


Our Council is active in Fund Raising to support our school, staff and students. Participation in fund raising is NOT mandatory, but open for families to choose to participate if the goods and services offered make sense for their family.

School Council Fund Raisers include: Pizza Days, Lunch Lady days, Date Night, flower sales and other options. All fund raisers will indicate who is organizing (school council, school office, or student-organized) and we will be transparent in what the fund raisers are going to support.

Come on out to School Council meetings to be a part of the decision-making process

School Council 2023/24 Wish List and Funds Directed (all items approved at October 24th meeting):

Item Details Cost
School Trips Support  $10/student to each student;  600 students @ $10 $6,000
Donation to Health Snack Program Niagara Nutrition Partners $1,000
Chromebooks / Tech Support 2 class sets of 20 $15,480
$387 each
Welcome Display panels located office and Gym $1,250
Teacher Consumables Budget 35 staff @ $125 $4,375
Carousel Players 2 Shows, one for gr. 1-4; one for 5-8
Total $29,305



School Council 2023 Wish List and Funds Directed (highlighted items have been purchased - other items are for future consideration)

Item Description Cost Notes
Learning Commons Sound System   $3500 purchased Feb. 2023
Beauty and the Beast licence legal rights to perform. Subsidizing this helps lower ticket prices for all families $1100 purchased Feb. 2023
Custom Steel Canopy for school events, portable $2195 purchased May 2023
Technology for Learning Commons

various items decided on by students at our "Tech and Literacy Night"

Green Screen & accessories

Cricut materials and subscription







purchased May 2023
Outdoor Classroom Rejuvenation

soil remediation

(in conjunction with the EcoSchools GreenBelt Grant)



purchased May 2023
Niagara Nutrition Partners donation that directly supports our Healthy Snack program $1000 donated Feb. 2023
Folding Tables for School Events 30 tables @ $136 $4610 purchased May 2023
Annual Playground Fund each year we put aside $$ for playground repair and upkeep $5000 June 2023
Teacher Classroom Support $75 for each teacher for consumable supplies   October 2022

You can support Central Public School by purchasing Fundscrip cards online any time throughout the school year, at: www.fundscrip.com. Invitation code is 7VFBV2.

Lunch Options:

Popcorn Snack every Monday ** supports Student Parliament

Pizza Lunches every Tuesday ** support School Council

Sub Lunches every Wednesday ** support Grade 7/8 trip

Lunch Lady lunches every Thursday ** not a fundraiser

Ice Cream treat every Friday ** supports Student Parliament

Parent Resources (click on the link):

Contact Niagara


DSBN Mental Health information

School Council Guide for Members- Publications Ontario

Canadian Parents for French (CPF) 

DSBN Parent Involvement Committee

People for Education

Parent Resource Centre Pamplet