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Extra Curricular

Programs / Activities

At Central School, our students are involved in a wide range of activities. Below is a list of some of the academic, extra curricular and charitable activities in which our staff and students participate. For more information regarding these activities, please contact the teacher listed.

Academic Initiatives:

  • DSBN Book Clubs (Grades 4 - 8) - Mme Grayson
  • Franco Fierté Cultural Days

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Chess Club - M. Engstrom
  • Kilean Lodge Club - Mme Farquhar, Mme Put
  • MetoWe Club - Mme Miller, Mlle Braun, Mme Arsenault Howick
  • Makerspace and Mini-Makers - M. Martin, Mme. Grayson, Mme. Arsenault-Howick
  • Singrays - Mme. Grayson, Mlle Lalonde
  • ECO Club - Mme Arsenault- Howick
  • Concours D'oratoire- Mme Richard
  • Garden Club - Mme Hall, Mme Arsenault-Howick
  • Lego Robotics Club - Mme Arsenault- Howick ( Int. ), M. Slavin ( Jr.)
  • Yearbook - Mme Arsenault- Howick, Mme. Miller
  • Guitar Club - Mme Brink

Service Learning Activities:

  • Me to We- Free the Children fundraisers
  • Grimsby Benevolent Fund Food Drive
  • Make Change For Children/EFN (Education Foundation of Niagara)


  • Cross Country (September-October)
  • Soccer (September)
  • Junior Flag Rugby (October)
  • Intermediate Volleyball (October-November)
  • Intermediate Basketball (January-March)
  • Junior Basketball (March-April)
  • Badminton (April)
  • Gymnastics (April)
  • Track and Field (April/May)
  • 3-Pitch (June)
  • Intermediate Rugby (May-June)